Friday, 29 March 2013

March purchases!

I haven't posted on here very much this month, however I did buy a few things which I would like to share. Two weeks ago I went to Delft to trade a bottle of cointreau for a record player, yes yes! I've wanted a record player for so long, but new ones are quite expensive and I thought this was a really funny deal. I've been playing old records from my parents but they aren't all my taste really, so I'm going to look for Francoise Hardy, Edith Piaf and more like that. (I already have Julien Clerc and Elton John so I'm satisfied for now) 

I also made some topshop purchases, the things I couldn't resist were the lovely undies (I have a thing for cute undergarments) and the juju jelly shoes. 

I got this broach at BijouxBrigitte, nothing special but really cute and elegant I think! The moment I showed it to some people I immedeatly got comments on how kitsch it was, ah well I really like it anyway.

And at last.......... Game of Thrones season 2! I had missed a lot of episodes from the second season so I thought I'd just buy it, now that season 3 is only 1 day away!! Have a lot of catching up to do tonight.

Anyways, I hope you guys will have a wonderful eastern!


  1. Oh my :) so many pretty things <3 the brooch is lovely :)

  2. cute undies~!! My weakness >w< hahahah.. more often than not when I'm going shopping I always end up with undies instead of proper clothes o.o

    and that brooch is lovely, I think~ ^O^

    and wow! Old records~! That's unique~!! I've never seen one myself o.o but of course, I know Edith Piaf *cue La Vie en Rose*

    ah, thank you for visiting my blog~! ^w^

  3. Hahah i did a post on March purchases too! I think the broach looks rather elegant :)and those undies are super cute

    Lemon Kitty (I just really like cats okay)

  4. Got *W* It's one of my favourite tv shows (and books actually :P). I also tried to do a themed outfit some time ago.
    Your new panties are really cute ^^
    And these jellies remember me a lot of my childhood, my mom made me wear them at the seaside and I hated them. I still have the last pair and it fits me, maybe I can try them again...I love the sparkly one! I remember I had one too :D