Friday, 14 September 2012

a new room

Hello! my mom and her boyfriend are looking for a new house to live in. I really don't mind it at all, since I don't even have a room right now. I either sleep on the couch or steal my moms bed LOL. Anyways, so I'm really happy my mom is finally planning to move out because I'd love to have a room and I'd love it even more to decorate my own room! Here are a few of my favorites pictures of bedrooms. They really inspire me and I guess my room is going to be a mix of it all: full of antique and vintage stuff (we have massive amounts of my grannies vintage antique furniture), lace curtains and floral bedding!


  1. great inspiration pics, love the delicate colours :) thank you for your comment too! x x

  2. This is kind of how I want my room to look like too! ;u;

  3. Everything looks so pretty and vintage! Glad you'll finally get a room :) Hopefully you'll be able to design is however you like! I wasn't so lucky when I got my room, orz.

  4. oh these rooms are beautiful, so vintage and pretty.
    I hope you get a lovely little space to decorate in your new house :)

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Claire x

    Mon Cheri

  5. great inspiration pics, love the delicate colours.last picture I like the most.

  6. woooww. what a lovely and cozy room. love it..

    want to follow each other? let me know ;)

  7. These rooms are so beautiful! Great inspirations! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog---wanna follow each other?

  8. Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. I love the light and airy quality to many of these rooms. I think colors like these are the most soothing for a bedroom and very dreamy and romantic :)

  10. cute blog you have! I'm a new follower! Would love to have one of these room<3!!! Mine now's not even close compared to these.....:''D

  11. Zoo schattig ik wil ook een mori-kamer :p krijg binnenkort waarschijnlijk mijn eigen appartementje dus hoop dat dat gaat lukken ^o^
    Ik koop eigenlijk nooit dingen online vanuit het buitenland enzo vind ik te duur qua verzendkosten. wel vind ik supercool ze hebben daar ook wel wat kleuriger dingen, maar houd er wel van afwisseling met mori-gyaru :p Voel me nu al wel weer een stuk beter, verkoudheid helemaal weg yaay.
    ken ook helaas geen mensjes die van Mori-Kei houden ken allemaal wel mensen in het anime/manga wereldje die het kennen en t een beetje leuk vinden maar verder ook niet >__< ik heb in ieder geval wel geluk met mensen op mijn school qua nare reacties enzo. De mensen daar zijn nogal erg artistiek en vinden het voornamelijk erg schattig XD mijn lijstje publiceer ik later nog moet nog ff ordenen enzo, zal ik jouwe ook onder de mori-kei blogs zetten?

  12. lovely pictures! followed you in gfc, hope you will follow back!

  13. These are really beautiful bedrooms, kind of how I wished mine looked like haha!

    Hey thanks for commenting back, I replied on my blog too but it's more likely you'll see it here.
    Unfortunately I don't have GFC or anything like that,I do have RSS but I don't think you'd like that either? Anyway, maybe it's an idea to get Bloglovin because many blogs use that nowadays and people could follow you on Bloglovin too!
    It will help get your blog out there.
    Oh not to pressure you or anything, just a tip! :)
    I guess you could just swing by once in a while, thats fine too haha.

    Anyway great post, so dreamy!


  14. Beautiful!

  15. Mooi blog heb je. Leuke foto's, vooral de eerste kamer.


  16. so beautiful girly rooms!!! <3
    I'm following you now :)

    Greetings from Berlin

  17. It's great you'll have your own bedroom! I had to fight to have mine, as I shared the room with my brother who played soccer in the room all the time (so irritating to be hit in the face with a ball when you're reading on your bed!).

    I'll have to go to a new house too, so your inspirational photos are really useful! ^^ Thank you!
    I think I'll go for a vintage country/mountain house style if I can.