Saturday, 20 July 2013

july purchases

Once again, I managed to completely forget about this blog and abandon it to a whole new level of abandonment. I do hope, as I've done often, to be posting on here more frequently. It's just that often I have no idea what to post on here and I'm thinking about it for days, those days turn into weeks and eventually I end up forgetting this blog. But hey, I do always come back! Anyways, I'll limit this post to my purchases so to give a quick update, this is what I bought during July! I bought lots and lots of letter writing sets from, 14 sets to be specific! It was all very cheap though, it was only €21,- *gasp* shipping costs not included I must say, that did make my order a bit more expensive. But hey, it's coming all the way from Taiwan. 

This summer I'm going to Zakynthos (Greece) for two weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. It'll basically be a lazy/relaxing holiday where I'll spend all my time dwelling in the sea, scribbling in my journal and, ofcourse, reading books. I still wanted to buy some more books to read there, and the one I've been long long waiting to read is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, so when I stumbled upon this beautiful version I immedeatly, hopelessly, fell in love. As I often do with gorgeous looking books. It's a Barnes&Nobles leather-bound classics edition and I posted a video of it on my instagram here. However the book cost around €16,- while all the other (common) editions were around €4,50, so yes it's a little more expensive but I'd say it's definitely worth it if you love such gorgeous books as well! The other book is A Room With A View by E.M Forster and I got it for a real bargain along with Dorian Gray. I think the total was around €24,- shipping included. I'm definitely taking these two books with me to Zakynthos, as well as Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen... Though, I do think I'll cancel on the last one as three books seem more than enough for me (concentration struggles *sighs*) 

Furthermore, I went to two antique/brocante markets this month and this is the stuff I got. A lovely Audrey Hepburn postcard, a tin (cookie) box, two little flower books, four napkins and one hanky, four glass swans, a pillow case and two tiny pill boxes. I think it all cost around €5,- as I got one of the flower books for free and most of the other stuff cheaper than it actually was. And I didn't even have to haggle! (not that I would ever even do that, I'm way too shy for that) The sellers were just really generous and kind people, hehe! :-)

Right now, I'm broke but I don't even care as I've spent it all on lovely things! Thankyou for reading all the way down here, I hope you're having a lovely day and lovely summer in general!

Love, Merel.

Friday, 29 March 2013

March purchases!

I haven't posted on here very much this month, however I did buy a few things which I would like to share. Two weeks ago I went to Delft to trade a bottle of cointreau for a record player, yes yes! I've wanted a record player for so long, but new ones are quite expensive and I thought this was a really funny deal. I've been playing old records from my parents but they aren't all my taste really, so I'm going to look for Francoise Hardy, Edith Piaf and more like that. (I already have Julien Clerc and Elton John so I'm satisfied for now) 

I also made some topshop purchases, the things I couldn't resist were the lovely undies (I have a thing for cute undergarments) and the juju jelly shoes. 

I got this broach at BijouxBrigitte, nothing special but really cute and elegant I think! The moment I showed it to some people I immedeatly got comments on how kitsch it was, ah well I really like it anyway.

And at last.......... Game of Thrones season 2! I had missed a lot of episodes from the second season so I thought I'd just buy it, now that season 3 is only 1 day away!! Have a lot of catching up to do tonight.

Anyways, I hope you guys will have a wonderful eastern!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


My mom was a few days in Paris for work and she brought home some presents for me, so I thought I'd show it! I was so jealous she went to Paris, but my mom and my stepdad now made plans for a family trip to Paris somewhere soon, double eek!! I'm really missing Paris, sighs. Anyways, these are the presents she brought home. Two adorable chocolate bars and a bottle of Parisienne by YSL, which isn't completely mine, my mom wants to share it with me. Which is ofcourse totally fine and agreeable with me! Furthermore, I don't really have any interesting things to share so I'll leave it at this.

Love, Merel.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

back! i guess...

I haven't posted anything here in such a long time. Awhile ago I was a very busy and eventually totally forgot about this blog. Anyways, I think I might start blogging again (I always say this though, we'll just see)
Not too long ago I bought some really nice boots for the winter season! I've only worn boots when I was a little kid even though I've always considered them extremely ugly and was even capable of throwing a mild tantrum when I had to wear boots (in winter). LOL, I've really grown to love them lately. I really love boots now, though it depends ofcourse. I'm not too fond of uggs, I like leather boots, like the ones below, better.

Friday, 14 September 2012

a new room

Hello! my mom and her boyfriend are looking for a new house to live in. I really don't mind it at all, since I don't even have a room right now. I either sleep on the couch or steal my moms bed LOL. Anyways, so I'm really happy my mom is finally planning to move out because I'd love to have a room and I'd love it even more to decorate my own room! Here are a few of my favorites pictures of bedrooms. They really inspire me and I guess my room is going to be a mix of it all: full of antique and vintage stuff (we have massive amounts of my grannies vintage antique furniture), lace curtains and floral bedding!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm back again

Hello! It's been such a long time. Though, I've been thinking and I'd really like to begin blogging again. I'll be blogging in english from now on, because I find it easier to express myself. I also changed my blogger layout and I hope you like it, because I'm quite satisfied with it! Anyways, for today I'll just post my outfit. I stayed inside all day because well, I simply can. This outfit also wouldn't have been tolerable with the weather (rain rain rain!) but it was comfy for at home. I hope you like it!

shirt with long-sleeves: from a second hand shop.
ruffled shirt: primark
vest: from a second hand shop
leather flower broche: DIY
trousers: H&M

Sunday, 6 May 2012

a summer day

Hallo~ dit is nou precies een outfit die ik, als ik geld zou hebben, in de zomer zo zou dragen! Ik houd erg van schattig ondergoed, sandaaltjes en dit soort "drop back skirts" (?) Helaas bezit ik nog geen drop back rokje, maar daar hoop ik snel verandering in te brengen. Ik kom ze namelijk overal tegen; asos, topshop, forever21 en riverisland. Ik vind het echt een heel schattig rokje, en vooral ook in die kleur.

Maargoed, ik ben nog niet zo lang aan het bloggen in het Nederlands en dat vind ik eigenlijk heel wat moeilijker dan in het engels. Ik moet nog even uitzoeken hoe ik voor alles de juiste woorden kan vinden haha, best raar toch. Ik ben deels Nederlands maar kan alles veel beter kwijt in het engels, serieus mijn Nederlands is er ook erg op achteruit gegaan de laatste tijd...

Anyways, wat vinden jullie van deze combinatie? of de items?
In de volgende blogpost zal ik meer mijn best doen op het schrijven van een boeiend stukje :-)

Love, Merel.